NCH NOWNorbuling Children Home (NCH) is nine years old now though it was imagined years ago by the founder youths. It was limited to beautiful talk and thoughts.The youths having a self experience of being poor, helpless and ignored, dared to form NCH by investing their own effort as they can. NCH began with 5 children in the beginning. They were accommodated from the very remote villages in Nepal, where child labors are maximum (in Nepal half of the children are through child labour) and are unpaid too. They were directly and indirectly involved in child labor and from the poor family background. 

The dream of the youths to bring change in the society by providing poor and needy children a good shelter, food and education with the high degree of parental love, good family environment, and good care along with disciplinary teachings became true from 2006 to till now date.  NCH is being able to serve 26 children, 12 boys and 14 girls between 5-14 years of age brought from different family backgrounds.

Now, NCH has got two sweet homes with big compounds each 12/14 children are living. Four of highly motivated Educators are looking after them. 14 girls and 12 boys age ranging from 5-14 years old are living in a home and are all admitted in a boarding school nearby. They are instructed and guided in their study by a tutor and educators together. For extra activities, we have a regular dance teacher every weekend and holidays, Art & Craft teacher for long vacations. Time to time children are volunteered by foreign volunteers also that they have an opportunity to exchange knowledge. They share, work and teach the children by playing and being with them organizing different activities, which indeed has broaden the knowledge of the Children.  

Apart from it, NCH is educating 27 day scholar children from poor family background too.

Nowadays NCH kids are involved in many creative activities in and outside the home.