INTRODUCTIONNorbuling Child Home (NCH) is a home for all the needy children in Nepal dedicated to serve all the needy children comprising orphan, destitute, underprivileged,street children, child labor etc by providing them a  homely home with full of parental love and affection along with providing quality education, food & shelter. It aims to prevent the children from being street children beggars or from daily fighting to survive also. Helping all the needy children providing them secure shelter to make them able to grow as all other children in the world are growing and developing.

We believe on equal opportunities for all the children on the Earth.Every child has a right to grow and develop. Why not needy? All needy children have a right to develop.

With the vision, Norbuling Childrenís Home (NCH) in Kathmandu was founded by 3 young Nepalese visioning to search and provide all needy children the basic things, good shelter, food and education  who in their childhood had gone through the same situation . They would like to thank to the sponsorís contribution that they got a chance for higher education and made them now able to serve the society in return. Therefore, it is their human want to pass on this chance to other needy children and to be active for the children in Nepal.

Who are Needy Children ?

The children who are suffering from poverty, who are orphan, Street children, Child labor, Destitute, Suffered from conflicts are the needy children.