Norbuling Children’s Home (NCH) has lots of future plans for the betterment of the poor and helpless children.

Increase in dayscholar children

To increase the beneficiary needy day scholars children in remote villages and surroundings. Norbuling Children Home (NCH) plans to increase numbers of such day scholars each year, so that many children can enjoy the value of education despite of their poverty.

Assisting Local Community Schools

Norbuling Children Home (NCH) plans to assist the government local schools in remote villages in Nepal though they have infrastructures like buildings, furniture and ground but due to poor management and utilization of resources, they are failed to attract local village children.

They have no trained teachers and have not been able to assist them in providing teaching materials, recreational materials and basic stationeries to the children.

Thus, Norbuling Children Home (NCH) plans to add the value of the government school by assisting the children and teachers in remote villages using many inspirational methods.

Norbuling Women’s Garden

Under this project, Norbuling Children Home (NCH) plans to assist poor mothers in a society in many way to become self reliable, empowered and independent.

In Nepalese context, most of the women are illiterate in local villages and they are poor, helpless and entirely dependent.

So it will work for such women to make them empowered by providing them skill trainings using their own indigenous skill and materials.

Adding more Families of Girls Home

Norbuling Child Home (NCH) plans to establish another many home for girl children too.

In Nepalese context, girls are more discriminated by cultural norms and values, and in addition, by the poverty, being orphan. Destitute most of them are child labor and got many chances of trafficking and sexual harassment.

plans to give them whole time protection against all these issues and insecurities until they become independent, skillful and strong.